Calcium Contract is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you're on a mission to finish a contract that got out of hand. Learn to swiftly move around your enemies and master your arsenal as you fight your way toward the grand finale.


  • Classic first-person shooter gameplay focused on player movement, enemy variation, and satisfying game feel
  • Over 20 levels of varying designs, from more guided indoor sections to sprawling non-linear open spaces
  • Distinct enemy behaviors turning enemies into chess pieces with different roles including abilities to manipulate and synchronize their companions
  • An untraditional arsenal of playful weapons
  • A convenient system of jumping back in and rewinding time for when things go wrong
  • A bizarre world and story that makes perfect sense and feels right when experienced firsthand :-)

Release details

  • Out now!
  • Demo available on Steam


Made by Igor Aleksandrowicz (he/him/his), solo game developer.